Art Vue is a corporate fine art resource firm providing our clients with a wealth of artwork options in all media. Whether your firm is acquiring artwork for the entire office or for a few select areas, our knowledge of the art market, gained through everyday commerce with artists and dealers, make national and international sources of artwork available to you.

Art Vue was founded in 1985 by Lenore Scendo who is the director and senior consultant. Ms. Scendo completed her undergraduate degree in art history at CUNY, and received her Master’s degree from New York University.

We have worked with a wide array of commercial and investment banks, law firms, financial service firms, insurance and industrial companies, along with their architects, to help define and create art programs that adhere to budget guidelines and appropriately address the corporate culture.

A successful art program involves successful project management. We guide our clients through the acquisition of artwork, design the framing, determine the placement of the art and oversee the installation. We create databases for tracking the specific location of each work of art and provide photo documentation of the purchases.