Sales and Curatorial
Researching artwork for acquisition; establishing a criteria for creation of a corporate collection; presenting artwork on premises for purchase; creating wall labels to identify the artwork and educate the viewers.

Framing and Repairing
Maintaining and upgrading the framing treatment when your corporation is relocating or renovating.

Reinstalling artwork in appropriate locations when your corporation is establishing a new facility.

Inventory and Cataloging
Creating a digital database of a corporate collection which includes a visual file of artworks in the collection and a full profile of each piece incorporating the artist's name, title of work and other pertinent information.

Researching a national network of artists, galleries, museums and auction houses to provide thorough and up-to-date data on the current market value or the insured replacement value of each work of art in a corporate collection.

Conservaton and Restoration
Arranging for the repair and restoration of art objects.

Posters and Reproductions
Providing access to a library of poster/reproduction catalogs, with assistance in the selection process.